Aidan's Gluten Free™ is a different kind of company, committed to developing innovative products in a gluten free facility. In addition, our facility is also dairy, egg, soy, sesame seed, nut and peanut free.

Our innovative products have all natural and non-GMO ingredients and no preservatives.

From fresh-baked bread to delicious baked goods, Aidan's adheres to the highest standards for taste, texture, quality and convenience, allowing consumers the ability to regularly enjoy all their favourite foods.

Baguettes Brown Loaf Artisan Loaf Pitas Buns Bagels Hot Dog Buns

Fresh, wholesome and delicious, is there another product that represents our love and celebration of food like a fresh baguette?

Innovative combination that has great flavour, texture and airiness. Looks and tastes like traditional brown bread. Perfect for sandwiches and toast.

Closest to "real" bread, our Loaf is soft and airy, golden in colour, and offers a flavour and texture to make appetizing sandwiches for lunch or toast in the morning.

Versatile and tasty multi functional flat bread that can be used for pita pockets, wraps, pizza, quesadillas, burritos and more.

Light, airy, soft and golden, our buns bring convenience and versatility to your meals ­ the base for any great sandwich, burger or dinner roll.

Golden, light, airy, and heart-warmingly delicious, our bagels give you a fast, convenient and tasty start to your day.

Our hot dog bun is ideal for more than just hot dogs. It's also great for panini, garlic bread, souvlaki, cheese steak or sausage with all the toppings.

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