"First I would like to thank you for making such an amazing bread. It is such a great feeling that I can finally have a sandwich after 6 years of tastless, cardboard gluten free breads. Thank you."


Gluten was taken out of Aidan's diet when he was diagnosed with autism, but the decision was easier said than done. Convenient products were difficult to find and invariably lacked taste and texture.

Cook books, with overly complex recipes, delivered inconsistent results, while attempting to offer taste and texture at the expense of convenience. Once again we were greeted with an expectation that gluten free consumers had to compromise on product or convenience or both.

Increasingly, being gluten free meant significantly sacrificing on food choices and hence, like so many of those that came before and after, we became disenfranchised consumers, searching for products that the market was unable, unwilling or unprepared to provide. There had to be something better, so Aidan's Gluten Free™ was born, with a corporate mission to deliver taste, texture and convenience without compromise.

We welcome you to try our products and taste the difference gluten free without compromise™ can mean. You may just find you can once again enjoy delicious food with the same convenience and quality you experienced previously; allowing you to rediscover your passion for food.